Stream again

hi all …glad to be here and part of this community.
First i have read some posts regarding the use of stream and gstreamer.
My question is and since im a beginner bare with me…to my project i want to use for the stream “Ustream” and then i want to make some video effects in OF.
Is this possible ?, ah im using a mac.
Thx for the input

this is only for linux right now, but it should be possible to use under mac.

gstreamer is easy to install in osx with macports or fink:

then you’ll need to change some define in ofConstants.h to tell OF to use gstreamer instead of quicktime:

line 168 and 174:

#ifdef TARGET_OSX  
            #define OF_VIDEO_CAPTURE_QUICKTIME  

should be:

#ifdef TARGET_OSX  
            #define OF_VIDEO_CAPTURE_GSTREAMER  

and modify the xcode project settings to include the gstreamer libraries and it’s dependencies.