[Stream 70] Expected 1748 data bytes, but got 948

This message continuously outputs when I’m using a Kinect. Is it something I should be worried about, eg. could it be responsible for slowing performance down?

yes, that is not good. I’ve seen that before when trying to connect to much stuff through usb, or when using bad quality USB extensions. as a rule of thumb, always connect your kinect directly to a usb port on your computer and try not to share that port with other devices. Some computers might have several USB ports together but these are all going through a hub and into the same bus. try using a single bus fro the kinect. This is specially important if you use the kinect v2.
Which computer are you using?

Hey, I had a performance last week and it worked fine. I think the slowness I was having was because of a problem with PD.

I had the Kinect running for about three minutes now and got this message twice. I’m using a Dell Inspiron 15 7577 NG55VR-7WLB (Japanese model). It has one USB port on the left side, which is where the Kinect is plugged in. On the right, it has two more. Into one of these an Audio Interface without its own power source is plugged. Into the neighboring port, a multi-tap is plugged in into which a mouse, keyboard and ssd drive are plugged in.

Have you tested the performance of the setup without the usb interface, just using the computers integrared one?
having that messages twice in 3 menutes is not that terrible. I would not worry about it. If it was showing on on each frame I would