Strategy for managing projects/sketches versions


I feel that I struggle for a good solution to manage OF sketches. Currently, I make a GitHub repo for every sketch/app that I am working on inside the /apps folder of OF. From there as I iterate I push those changes to Github. I try to be descriptive with the iteration so that I can always make it back there if I want.

I am wondering about how other people manage an OF project - big to small, sketches to addons.



I do that as well, but usually a git repo per group of sketches or per project instead of per sketch. Also for bigger projects I usually use local addons so i can have a copy of the exact version including any possible modifications that i’m using for each project

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Hi Todd!
I do the same as arturo mentions. Even for some larger projects I have a folder just in the root OF folder and respect the folder structure hierachy of the apps folder.

This seems to be super useful but I have not tried it yet.

What is that you struggle about managing with git?


One thing I miss when pushing versions to git is to be able to easily run those different versions. Checking them out with git is not convenient. To me it feels like throwing versions in the basement. They are there in case I want to rescue something, but I rarely do that.

It would be nice to easily access different versions and see their visual output.

Sometimes I have a bunch of versions in the same program and I can switch between them by pressing the number keys ‘0’ to ‘9’ for example. The thing being switched can be a simple algorithm, or a class that produces different behaviors.

I also try to output a lot of images. But with images I struggle then to know which version of the code produced each image, in case I want to run the code that produced certain image.

Some kind of presets system would be cool, which creates visual and code snapshots that can easily be recovered.