Strategy for digging out basic info? (E.g. ofxGUI)

My status: experienced C programmer but rank beginner using C++ and openFrameworks.
My general problem: finding certain basic oF info.
Example: ofxGUI. I have a very simple animation working. It’s governed by a single variable whose value I want to display as my simple object changes form. I have created a label of type ofxLabel which comes out of the ofxGUI addon. Using ofxLabel setup() I declare a label name, a test string in place of a value, width and height.
Great. Using the appropriate draw(), it appears in the upper left corner with a black background and white text. But I have not been able to find how to change the label’s position or color. I’ve searched the forums, browsed the GUI examples, and looked at the tutorials without success.
My question: How does one find out basic info about such simple questions as widget location and properties? The online documentation for ofxGUI has a list of class members but is silent on usage and the relation to derived objects such as ofxLabel.

Sup, functions that are obvious from the name probably wont be documented . For properties and functions ,you can just take a look at header files. For your case you can take a look at ofxBaseGui.h. You will see the functions that you need. I think openframeworks 1.0 will be doxygened

For documentation ->

hope you find enough of ofxGui here :smiley:


The documentation is often times thin w/ core addons, unfortunately – it’s an on going process. usually one good way to learn about an addon or some OF functionality is to look at the example code – there are several examples that relate to ofxGui that might be helpful:

Thanks all for the helpful suggestions.
Hats off especially:
to Ahbee for the tip about future Doxygen implementation (very educational article);
to manish (and lewis lepton) for extremely useful class/member guide (HTML version now sits on my desktop).
I look forward to an updated edition of “Mastering openFrameworks” when details of oF 1.0 are known.