Strange line/triangel in stroboscopic color changes with opengl on raspberry

Hey Guys,

I am having a strange problem with an OF project on my raspberry. For example I draw a rectangle fullscreen and change its color between black and white every single screen. I than get a strange line diagonal in the middle of the screen. It looks a bit like the screen is devided into two triangles one positioned left top and the other richt bottom.

I think that this maybe has todo with the graphics card driver and the drawing of the frames. Some time ago i had a similiar thing on an other computer and changed some settings in the graphicscard driver (maybe it was something with the vertical refreshment rate or drawing of the complete frame until the next one is drawn)

I am not sure what it was exactly. Any ideas on how i can solve this on the raspberry? Is it possible to use 60fps on the raspberry?

Can you provide some example code to try to reproduce the issue?

I think simply this in the draw function should show it:

if( ofGetFrameNum() % 2 == 0)
        ofSetColor( ofColor(0,0,0));
        ofSetColor( ofColor(255,255,255));

    ofRect(0,0,ofGet ScreenWidth(),ofGetScreenHeight(););


did you test it? for now i made it part of the graphic concept. but for future projects i like to fix that. or maybe i should check for another arm based pc with more graphics power. 60fps would be great…

I haven’t been able to test it on RPi2 yet …