Strange issues with latest MacOSX beta and Kinect

I inadvertently updated my MacBook air to the latest public beta for macosx and would strongly suggest others to … not do this.

I have had Kinect issues since doing so, with weird trackpad issues similar to what I described here before :

This works with various Kinects (one at a time) and running the kinect example leads to hangs.

I am restoring from the backup before the update, but I am suspicious that Apple is going to be altering how USB works in one of the next updates. Or this could just be a “it’s called a BETA for a reason, idiot” thing.

restoring this is going to take all night. Sigh. 8^(

Openframeworks 0.9.5
Mac OSX Sierra 10.12.2 beta (16C48b)
Mid2013 11 inch macbook air.

After installing the non-beta version of OSX Sierra (with a LOT of complications) I have determined that this problem is occurring in Sierra. glitchy trackpad use, dropped frames, etc.

To be honest, I think this issue ‘might’ be happening at the system level once one connects a Microsoft Kinect.

If anyone knows how to replace whatever system-based USB file could be the culprit (it happened within the last two weeks) please let me know. Stepping back to El Capitan is going to be tricky…

Did you solve the problems with the Kinect and Sierra? If so, I’d like to know the solution or workaround. I’ve problems too. See

I did not resolve this through software, but I did resolve it by using the Belkin box I had on hand, which takes the thunderbolt output from my Mack book air and gives me four USB, an hdmi, FireWire, Ethernet and a second thunderbolt. I did not have the problems after this.

I had this problem, I believe, a year or so ago as well, but I cannot remember what the resolution was. I thought, at that earlier time, there was a change in the lib freenect library which ended up saturating the USB bus, which interfered with the information from the trackpad.

Have you tried a USB hub, powered or unpowered, to see if there is a difference? I don’t expect anyone else to have an extra belkin box kicking around (thunderbolt extender boxes can be a bit pricy)