Strange drawing behaviour

Hello everyone,
it seems I got a weird drawing behaviour, or perhaps it’s perfectly normal, but I can’t understand it:

I want the drawing to be performed just once, so I set the backgroundAuto to false and used a boolean variable to avoid multiple drawings. The problem is that for the first 3 frames it doesn’t draw ( ! ). That’s why I used a counter variable that goes up to 5. It just draws at the 4th frame. Somebody can help me understanding that?
Thank you very much!

I think this is something that’s really legacy, IIRC correctly this was because we needed a few frames of background drawing on certain graphics cards on certain platforms, otherwise there was graphics card noise (I’m remembering problems with intel integrated cards on windows, but maybe 4 or 5 years ago… ) – can you file a bug on the openframeworks repo and we’ll take a look and see if this hack still makes sense? It seems very awkward now.

Thank you for your anserw, unfortunately I don’t know how to do what you are asking me.

it’s ok – I make an issue on github and we’ll investigate.

That’s awesome, thank you