stitchrv(multi-camera tracking)

Hi all,

Here’s stitchrv - an openframeworks-based software that can take multiple camera input and do fiducial/finger tracking. It uses the videograbber in OF to grab video input and the ofFiducialFinder add-on (by chrisoshea) for tracking. The stitching is total manual, actually just a modified version of the reacTIVision calibrator…

We only tested it under Mac OS X with two PS3 Eye cameras. Sorry for not having time to do more tests, although ideally it should also work with other os and cameras that are supported by OF. Anyway, hope it’s useful :wink:

The project is here:


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School of Interactive Arts + Technology,
Simon Fraser University, Canada

i went through your code, and tried to run it in linux.
it is working fine when a vertically stitch the cameras but it shows vierd output when trying to stitch horizontally.
can you help?