Stereo projection workshop at Click Festival 2013

3D projection workshop, May 8-12 2013

At this years’ Click Festival I’ll be hosting a short workshop and roundtable investigating 3D projections with Recoil Performance Group. This will be the first event in an ongoing investigation in stereoscopic projections for augmented stage use.

The workshop and roundtable discussions will take part in Elsinore, Denmark from May 8th to May 11th.

Do you have any experience with stereoscopic projections?

I am looking for a couple of creative coders / software artists to join me, to heighten the code/art aspect of the workshop. Possibly to initiate a longer collaboration …

If you have any experience in producing stereoscopic output from openFrameworks, please get in touch with me - we have a limited possibility of covering expenses for travel and stay and I hope that some of you, though on a short notice, will have both some relevant experience and be able to join our workshop in May. Due to our limited budget we can unfortunately only accommodate this for participants based in Europe. However this is the first in a series of experiments that will include a one month artistic lab in NYC in 2014, so I hope to find some US participants, when the NYC residency lab falls into place later this year.

Get in touch

If you would like to participate in an exploration of sterescopic projections in a short, intensive 1:1 scale workshop and have some relevant prior work, please mail me a link and a couple of lines at .

best / o


About Recoil Performance Group

In Recoil Performance Group we have been working with interactive and generative visuals, combining openFrameworks-based software with infrared tracking and projection mapping. We think of this combination as a dynamic stage, where light and projections form a responsive environment for modern dance.

So far our work has made us construct a sort of 2.5D system, where multiple projections could be mapped to planar projections, including a tromple l’oeil perspective trick of individually rotating the z-axis to make projected surfaces seem to curve out of the floor.

Work examples at:

Code at:

About Click Festival

CLICK Festival focuses on new media art. Often new media is regarded as reserved for the chosen few; however in real life it is available and relevant to us all. The primary purpose of CLICK Festival is to create an open and inclusive platform in which the curious is immersed in this unique and groundbreaking art form through workshops, exhibitions, lectures, and extraordinary concert events. New media art has vast potential and at CLICK creativity, knowledge and visions are shared freely.

This years festival theme is ‘the eye, the ear, the hand and the heart’ interpreted through the principals of D.I.T. – Do It Together. D.I.T. can be seen as an expansion of D.I.Y. – the Do It Yourself movement with its open source and collaborative art.[/size][/right]