Status of camera / kinect and projector calibration

Hi all, I am looking into camera + projector calibration.
It is a matter that lurks around these forums again and again.
The most explanatory thread (dates from jun 13) that I have gone through is this Projector-kinect calibration
which ends up in this source,

but there exist also this addon ofxCvCameraProjectorCalibration (by kikko), which dates from Nov 13.

I have tried to port the example in linux and managed to compilation errors I encountered , but I am missing all the yml files, so the application fails to startup in linux. Is this the most recent (and working!) example that I should based upon to port the camera - projector calibration in linux?

Also, is there some good book to read up on camera + projector calibration with openCV , because all these distort / undistort, warp , affine / perspective transformation and other functions I am not uncertain as to exactly what they do.

Thank you for your help!