State of oF + iOS (Mojave + latest iOS etc)

Hello! Jumping into a new project soon that’s for iOS on the iPad Pro. Been reading about Mojave issues and other stuff over the last few months so just wanted to check if there are any nasty surprises I could avoid. (On my personal machine I’m still on Sierra and only doing Desktop stuff but this project needs new all the new stuff because XCode and iOS, I’m guessing?)

Specifically - 10.1 or Nightly, what should I be using? Is multitouch back working (I remember there were some issues with 10.0) Anything else I should be aware about?

Edit: Also will need the Pure Data addon, slowly setting everything up over this weekend so just wanted to holler to be prepared in advance if there are any known issues.

Well, now that I’m finally trying this…

Getting this error while trying to run ofxPd (using the pdExampleIOS)
clang: error: the clang compiler does not support '-mtune=native'

Any ideas?

Ok managed to fix this if anyone else if running into this.

Documented it here:

Will try to get a pull request in tomorrow. Otherwise, if someone else sees this issue hopefully they’ll find it. Cheers!

On another note, from the Project Generator, clicking on open in IDE doesn’t seem to work after making/updating a project. Not that much of a big deal, but yeah.

Hi @ayruos,

I’m about to update to Mojave myself, did you run in to any issues or has everything been smooth?

Is your question iOS specific?

It’s not been 100% smooth, there’s been a fair number of issues, but nothing yet that I’ve not managed to solve somehow.

The most annoying thing is that the project needs a regular Clean build folder otherwise random issues start popping up during running the app, some of it which makes no sense, and until I figured it was a build issue, I was scratching my head trying to figure this out!

Otherwise, I’ve had a few issues with ofPath which I didn’t actually manage to solve, but I managed to do what I needed to do through some other ways.

And re: multitouch - it needs to be enabled explicitly from the main.cpp file, that’s hardly documented anywhere and it seems like a few things like finger acceleration etc still doesn’t work (there’s a GitHub thread about it from @bakercp if I’m not mistaken which suggests a fix and I’ll look into it at some point).

Oh and the Simulator doesn’t work I think.

Oh and this too!

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Thanks for the fast response!
Yes I’m on iOS (iPhone, not iPad).
I have run into the clean/rebuild issue myself and it’s quite annoying :wink:
Looks like I’ll be OK then. I’ll update this post as well if I run into any other issues.

Yes, if I modify the header I have to clean the build and recompile or very strange things happen. Regarding UITouch support, as of just now, ofxPointer now supports a lot of additional advanced UITouch features on iOS. Check it out.

Great stuff, thanks!

Hi! what kind of issues? had you try openCV in iOS? i’m about to update to mojave not sure if it is a good idea.

Nice! Will give this a go soon, thanks @bakercp!