starting with codeblocks on win

Hi everyone, very nice projects around.

I have a question about codeblocks (WinXp), I just installed it and added the files to the mingw folders, and I built the libraries.

I want to build and run example, an it does, it says 0 errors and 0 warnings, opens two windows, the first one is the black command window, and the other is a gray window, but nothing else happens.

I don’t really know what am I missing, any help is appreciated.

Thanks, Ricardo

are you buidling the empty example? can you try any of the others, like “graphics example” or “image loader example” ? they should be more then a grey screen.

take care!

Thanks Zach, yes, I tried several examples, but it was apparently a path issue.

Edit: I just had to add the project, everything working well now.