Starting oF meetup Amsterdam, NL?


Wondering if there would be any interest in starting an openFrameworks (and associated things/creative work) meetup in Amsterdam (Netherlands)?

I’m happy to organise (or preferably co-organise) if there would be interest? I know some spaces where we could potentially meet (in person) and also stream meets/discussions etc?

yay or nay?


Hey, I’d definitely be interested in connecting with local OF creators and know some who’d be eager to as well, so an (online) meetup sounds great!

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Hi! if there is interest then i’ll set it up - a few answered on the slack channel - any more interest here?

I would be.

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awesome - that’s about 5 of us :smiley:
try a monthly something as a start? see how it goes? any suggestions?
weekday evening somewhere central // combined with online?


I would be interested.Did you already start meeting?

Hi Remco,

I’ve not set anything up yet - I have a big project to get finished and then I will look into how/where we could meet f2f or online in some kind of useful way - do you have any suggestions or ideas of what would work for you?

Hi Dan

Weekday evenings are fine for me. I would prefer a Friday. I have no ideas or suggestions yet. Maybe online first is better given the circumstances.

Hi Dan,

Sounds good!
+1 For joining a f2f meeting.
(if we can manage within the active covid rules)