Starting a new oF Project in XCode

To date, whenever I create a new ofApplication I’m using the _emptyProject file, which creates an OpenFrameworks application in that folder. Now, how do I go about changing the name of the application to something else? I’ll be honest … it’s getting confusing to have so many applications with the same name. I figured that I have two options: to add a new target (with a unique name) or create an entirely new application. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what kind of XCode Project I need to create … an ‘Empty Project’, a ‘Carbon C++ project’, etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Hey Jeremy - was going to write it out - but I think video explains it better!

First in a series of openFrameworks video tutorials!


ps: this is just how to change the target name - going from scratch is a bit more tricky.

theo -

thanks, this is so incredibly useful! it’s just missing some drum n’ bass, especially at that climax point when we’re kept in suspense … waiting for the newly named application to compile. looking forward to more video tutorials.


no problem!

I’ll see what I can do about music for the next one :slight_smile:

Glad it helped

The video is quite good… It’s true that it is logical but… It is not that easy to understand what is happening… Sometimes you go too fast or we don’t get where you click/don’t click… (and it’s hard to read the text)
Some voice guidance would be welcome…

I’m now working on a PDF guidance file to use with the video… I’ll post the link for download when I’ll be done…

Even if the video has some problems, it is quite useful, and you can get it after a while… Keep on with video tutorials…


here is a PDF link of what the video is showing… watch the video, its great, but here are some higher res pics with a bit of text… i don’t know anything about xcode beyond this, so there might ‘more correct’ terminology out there.


(is there a community place to host this?)

Hey - thanks for the feedback about the tutorial!!

This one was very quickly put together for the next video tutorials I will make sure to go at a slower pace and explain all the steps much clearer!

Thanks for the pdf too - that is super helpful!
For now you could add it to the education section on the wiki -…-n-progress

Maybe something like Xcode rename new project guide ?

Next on my list of video tutorials is - download and setup and run your first app for each compiler. Quite basic but I think could help a lot for people!

Also if you have any suggestions for tutorials I just started a thread just for video tutorials requests/ideas.


I really apreciate the video tutorial but its still pretty much work for just giving your app another name. Can’t you just build a preset for xCode so you can create a new OpenFrameworks c++ project. Would that generally be possible?