Starry night interactive animation

Here are the videos of a project i 've been working on the past months.
I try to visualize the flow of the famous painting “Starry Night” of Vincent Van Gogh.
The user can interact with the animation.
Also, the sound responds to the flow.
Made with ofxOpenCV, ofxKinect, ofxMidi.


That’s awesome! :slight_smile:

Not only is this a really great use of the technology, the idea is A-C-E.


Keep promoting this and you will get recognition for it.

That’s fantastic!! Really nice idea, and very well executed!

Beautiful, and it really captures the whimsy and wonder of the original.

Wow!! Beautifully amazing

Truly stunning Petros. Have you considered approaching the The Museum of Modern Art in New York. The natural home for this is alongside the very work it analyses.

not much to say, kind of magic!

Love this. That is all :slight_smile:

absolutely incredible! congratulations!

i love that your work has so much attention to detail. you’ve taken it way beyond the ‘hacker’ or ‘prototype’ feeling into something that is a really sublime experience. that’s really impressive.

i’d love to hear about how you executed this piece. how did you render the lines? how did you extract the initial vector field from the original painting? did you have any performance issues you had to deal with?

i’m also really impressed that you brought together generative sound for this that so perfectly complements the feeling of the interaction. so good. great job! i’m looking forward to more :slight_smile:

Thank you all, I am really flattered!..

Here are the basics of the project:

  • About 80.000 particles move around with a fluid-like algorithm and are drawn as small opengl minimaps.
  • The velocity field was not computed automatically, I had to set it manually myself. It was quite difficult to get it right…
  • I get about 30fps at 1920x1080, with an intel i5-2500K, and a geforce GTX560.
  • Multitouch tracking is made with ofxKinect and ofxOpenCV.
  • The music is the result of much experimentation and luck.

At last, I really have to say that I could never-ever-ever do anything without the openframeworks community!

Wow - yeah - pretty much flawless. Best thing I have seen in a while. Congrats!

Petro, your work is amazing! Well done!

I came to this community through watching your video, i’m excited to make something similar to this but in web version. Flash, cause i got an experience in it (probably C++ guys will shame on me)

Anyway thanks for inspiration!

hey petros, do you have any ‘debug screen’ screenshots? i’d really like to see some ‘behind the scenes’ images :slight_smile:

I will try to provide some info soon, at this moment I am receiving [surprising] overwhelming responses, that I can’t handle.
As you might have already guessed_ there is no state-of-the-art code in this project_…
Most of the development was devoted to trial and error, to get the right result.

I love this. It’s what inspired me to get going with OF.

Hello everyone!

At last, I managed to port “starry night” to iPad2.
You can watch it here:

Lots of compromising had to be done, but I hope the feeling is still there.
Now, I hope to find the time for a “making of” video!

Really great! I assume you’ll be putting this on the store?

It’s already on the store!

What’s it called? I’m not seeing it. Or can you post the link? :smiley: