Standard Shoot 'em up minus the enemies.

This is a work in progress, I have a final version but it has much less features.
The purpose was making a game for kinect using gestures but I haven’t figured that out.
it has most of what Shoot 'em ups have. Everything made using openFramworks except the sprites, sound effects and music which, at the moment, are from other games so I’m sure I’m breaking some copyright laws, but they will change in the end product.

I’d like to thank the openF developers because if it wasn’t for them, I’d never have been able to integrate everything.
Now I ask: What are other “less traditional” uses for openFrameworks? xD

Hi @irregular.
Maybe you saw a thing I did some time ago for the “estrellitas” cereal.
here’s a video of it.
There I used gestures to control the thing, maybe we could join forces. send me an email if interested.


Si, si lo recuerdo!
Me parece una excelente idea
(Subtitles: I think it’s a great idea!)

Unfortunately I’m all out of time for some weeks with a project, I think I’m going to collapse mid june! xD
Let us ( finish this thing in which we are now and we can makes games and such.

I’d actually like to know how to make games better. This shooter just happened by accident and then it built up on features, yet, no enemies. The background is actually Chile, the map was “borrowed” from google maps.

By the way, has anyone ever discussed game logic here?
There is an example in 0072 that really interested me.