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I’ve been here for a few days now and was wondering if there is enough interest, can we have a dedicated openframeworks site on stackoverflow ?

This link gives you an idea of what it would take to have a dedicated site.

Judging from the (low) activity on the oF forum, and that there are only ~80 questions involving oF on stackoverflow, I don’t see much sense in fragmenting the community/knowledge base at all. What would be the benefit, anyways?

It was more of a suggestion. Over the years, I have used many forumns, and I think StackOverflow has been the best at it. It not only gives you a forumn, but the likes of IRC ( dedicated chat-room), community wiki and most importantly, it reaches out to more people. The community at StackOverflow is very strong and I often get to learn a lot more from people with all those years of experience.