Stable Video Player on Lion

What’s the best and stable way to play videos on OSX Lion? I am doing an installation, where I have to reach minimum CPU usage, because it’s going to run on a Mac Mini.

I tried ofQTKitPlayer, but for some reason, it sucks a lot of CPU, compared of just playing the video with QuickTime Player for example. I tried different codecs - Photo Jpeg, Animation, h.264, no real difference.

One thing that does make a difference is using the ofQTKitPlayer with OF_QTKIT_DECODE_TEXTURE_ONLY, but this way the video playback is badly glitched, frames jump and etc. I really do not have any used for the pixels, because I am just going to play the video, not process it.

Any suggestions? May be switch to PNG sequences instead of video?


I’ve had great success with ofxThreadedVideo on OSX