Spout - Syphon for windows

Hey guys,

saw a facebook post lately from a syphon alternative for windows:

It includes an FFGL plugin for resolume and OF code.

Tested & works!

Edit: correct link

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Hey Kj1

wrong website.

Try http://spout.zeal.co/

This is specific to texture sharing and not a general FFGL solution. There is a dll for Openframeworks and example code. There are FFGL plugins built using the FFGL SDK.

Contact us via the forum.

oops correct, strange to have messed up - thanks.
And great project btw!

I just created a small addon (my first one, be gentle) to simplify its integration with an OpenFrameworks project :

hello @Mat
Do you know if its possible to have multiple spout senders in oF?

check out https://github.com/Kj1/ofxSpout2
addon for sending multiple textures with spout2

I´ve changed to ofxSpout2 and I´ve notice that, beyond the multiple senders, the app opens/startup faster than before.
Thank you @Kj1!