Spinning twirling circles in youtube vid

I found this clip on youtube yesterday and I’m dying to know how its made:

Circle Variations by Perlin Noise

Any clues on how to make something similar? I’ve drawn circles with tangents, etc. from the ofBook but its really the slow rotations and circle trails that are catching my n00b eye.

thanks ^.^

The circle trails are I believe an effect of giving a <255 opacity on the background, something along the lines of:

ofBackground(0, 127);

and then for the slow rotation, they’re probably drawn each of them with separate matrix transformations, such as:

for(int i = 0; i < circles.size(); i++){

Hope it helps!

@periode thank you for the reply and sorry I’m slow to my own post.

I’ve been playing around with this and getting cool results, but not quite as elegant.

in your explanation, circles would be a vector of polylines of the trails? So if there are three circles enabled with their trails there would be three circles containers? :confounded:

thx :slight_smile: