Specifying Filepaths and Directories

Hi, If I want to load a file I may use code like:

const char *infilename = “/Volumes/Supersaurus/Songs/Multitracks/TakeOne_4/neuamnn_bip.wav”;

But if I try and open a filepath in MaxMSP, I get the following:


Can anyone explain the difference here? And how for instance, might I know from the Max file path, where the file is - since without the Volume part it says “file not found”
I notice also, that the Supersaurus (which is teh name of my hard drive) has a colon after. Could be part of this.

Generally, in case it’s useful,
paths like:
“…/…/…/data/” get you to the data folder of the OF project your in (i.e. relative)
but things like
“/Users/yourname/Documents/etc” gets you to the actual (absolute?) path

Any help appreciated.


I have never seen the format like MaxMSP’s “Supersaurus:/Songs”

The “/Volumes/Supersaurus” format is the way the Mac maps the drives

If Supersaurus is the name of your root/hard drive that OS X is installed on you can probably get away with “/Songs/Multitracks/TakeOne_4/neuamnn_bip.wav”