spacing between ofxui widgets?

Hi all,

What’s the best way to specify the amount of vertical space between ofxui widgets when using addWidgetDown? For instance, I’d like to make sure there is enough space for a dropdown menu before the next widget. Thanks very much! :slight_smile:


If I remember correctly, when calling addWidgetDown, you can specify x, y coordinate.
But not sure this would be very convenient to add space between your drop-down menu and the next widget: there will be a gap of unused space in there. Maybe you could check what you can do with the function addWidgetSouthOf (or something like that)

Why do you want to do that btw? Using drop down menu on “top” of other widget should not cause any problems. Check the examples, some have dropdown included ;).


Thanks so much for the reply! I really appreciate it. I did check the examples, and if I’m not mistaken, drop down menus always appear at the bottom of columns of widgets. At least, they do in the “everything” example. I found that when I used them in my project there was overlap.