SoundyThingie / iPad, but also mac/pc

Hey all!

This is an iPad application based on OF called “Soundythingie”.
The idea is to draw lines, which then produce sounds. You can have plenty of lines playing at the same time and you can modify some aspects of a line after you’ve drawn it.

The basic input for the project came from zach during a workshop in italy, then i developed the idea and kept coding on it for six month (with lots of help from oriol ferrer).

For iPad: find the app here /
If you’d like a promo code let me know, i have some left! (promo codes only work if you have a US based ipad).

And to everyone who doesn’t have an iPad: there’s an old version for mac+pc here:, this one is a bit older and not as polished, but comes with the sources!

Well, thanks OF crew, i think this has been the nicest possible way to get to know c++!

Cool project!
I played a bit with it, and it behavoirs very musical!


hurray… apple changed their policy, finally promo codes can also be used outside the us. if you want a free copy of soundythingie message me…