soundStream - How can I increase number of channels

Using the audioOutputExample, if I increase the number of channels to 4:

soundStream.setup(this, 4, 0, sampleRate, bufferSize, 4);  

I get the error:
[tt]RtApiDs::probeDeviceOpen: DirectSound does not support more than 2 channels per device[/tt]

I am using a Sound Blaster X-fi Surround 5.1 Pro Usb device, on Windows.

What can I do to access the available channels? I’m not after 3D sound, but the ability to output sounds on separate channels.


Hey, I get the same error while trying to read the input of 4 microphones:

 soundStream.setup(this, 4, 2, sampleRate, bufferSize, 4);

At first I thought its because my computer has only 2 input channels, but after I connected OF with an Yamaha 01v96i mixer, which has 16 i/o channels, I realized the error stems from the architecture of the soundStream class.

Is there any way to tweak the soundStream code so it can support 4 inputs and if not can you point me to some sound processing library (or OF addon) which can do the work?