Sounds not being played in Windows version

I have made a simple game that I developed on Mac, it works fine and the sounds are playing when they are supposed to. However, when I created the same project on Windows, everything works except the sound. The code is exactly the same. What could have gone wrong? Are there some permissions I need to set in order for oF to play sounds on Windows?

Hi @cookie welcome!! :slight_smile:

What type of sound files are you trying to play?
Generally wav’s and mp3’s should play the same on both.

Sometimes high bit wavs might not play on some platforms ( eg 32bit wavs ).

Does the exampes/sound/soundPlayerExample/ work for you?


Thank you :slight_smile: and thanks for the suggestion, I tried it out and the example works. After some more research I realized the problem was that somehow “bin_data_” had been added as prefix to the file names. Not sure if it was Windows or Visual Studio that did me this “favor” but I’m glad I found the problem