SoundPlayer causes application crash when using AU Lab

Hello, I have an application that triggers different sound samples to play using the ofSoundPlayer.

This works fine and good, but I am also seeking to apply some real-time effects to the audio using AU Lab in combination with the kuwatec loopback app

This is basically just like soundflower - it allows me to feed the output audio from my machine into AU Lab, apply some effects to it, and route it back out of the default audio output (headphone jack).

This works fine for me with no issues with any other sound on my Mac (iTunes, YouTube, etc). This also was working find for me when using my Macbook Pro laptop.

However, when I try to do this with a Mac Mini, running OSX High Sierra - my OF app does not play any audio when AU Lab is open, and it then soon crashes with a runtime error on the ofModSoundPlayer EXEC Bad Access. Seems like the crash is happening somewhere within the sound play() function. My guess is that OF is having trouble locating the output device?

I’ve tried running the same app both on OF 0.9.8 and OF 0.10, with the same unfortunate results.

Any ideas on what could be causing this or a potential workaround would be much appreciated! Thank you.

Rather then the cumbersome setup of two apps, take a look at
It will let you do the processing inside your OF app, no need for aulab.