Sound Synthesis Toolkit

Hi all,

I am trying to get the STK to run with OF and I think I ran into a name collision. Maybe some of you can give me the heads up of how to get them to work together.

Here is a more precise description of the problem:

Building simple STK apps in xcode is fairly easy. Throwing all the essential source files into one folder, adding the CoreAudio, CoreMIDI, CoreFoundation frameworks, and adding the __MACOSX_CORE__ definition is pretty much all it takes.

When I do the same thing in conjunction with OF I get a couple of errors.
There are some problems with PI and HALF_PI definitions which are easy to solve. The one I could not figure out was this one:

/openFrameworks/app/stkExample/…/…/libs/stk/Echo.h:42: error: ‘Delay’ does not name a type

Apparently Delay is also defined in <CoreCarbon/OSUtils.h> as a function and therefore not recognized as a type.

How would I resolve that issue?
Help appreciated,