Sound Synthesis (and analysis)

A set of fundamental sound synthesis classes/functions would be great. I am thinking of oscilators, filters, and envelopes. Maybe some higher level stuff. Maybe the Sound Synthesis Toolkit or whatever fmod has to offer.

Is there something like this already in the making?

We have some STK code working with openFrameworks, just need to package it up nicely.

I’ll make a simple addon for it.


Awesome. The STK addon will rock.
I would be happy to help with the api and documentation.

What will happen to rtMidi? Will it stay in the addon or will it be part of the core of?

I know there are more important things to focus on and I don’t mean to bump the subject. I just want it to be known that I am interested in the STK addon. It would complete my wishlist. Along with other things I already know are actively being worked on (ex. GLV, box2d, BlobListener, FiducialFinder).


Four years since the last post…

Has anyone gotten STK working with Openframeworks?

What are you using?

Yes getting STK working with OF is pretty easy. I used the granular synth from STK together with OF to create this for example:

Hello Pierre,

Where did you get the STK? I can’t find it.
Any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile: