sound reactive boids(kinda) in a flowsphere

Hi. I made an experiment with sound reactive visuals.
here’s a vimeo link:–

and the source:

made with OF0.05 using the vector math addon.
also used a perlin class that i got from here:




This looks really great. I have to download it and the last piece you posted last and check it out. This perlin noise stuff looks really useful. Maybe this could be a tutorial in the wiki. I would definitely enjoy that.

Thanks for some awesome code,

hi ding.
thanks :slight_smile:

Hey pelintra,

I tried to remake that particle emitter over here using the perlin noise from your project but I didn’t even come close. The particles don’t behave like they are supposed to and when I try to render trails the images disappear. Also very frequently the app crashes complaining of a problem at perlin::perlin_noise_2D(vec); It is a total failure as of now. Maybe it’s because I have never even seen processing before. If you have the time to help me figure it out it’s right here:

Oh to get it to work I had to add this bit of code to ofxVec3f:

	 * Interpolates the vector towards the given target vector, using linear  
	 * interpolation  
	 * @param vec  
	 *            target vector  
	 * @param f  
	 *            interpolation factor (should be in the range 0..1)  
	ofxVec3f& interpolated(const ofxVec3f& vec, float f) {  
		x += (vec.x - x) * f;  
		y += (vec.y - y) * f;  
		z += (vec.z - z) * f;  
		return * this;  

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hi ding.

i tried looking at that code but there’s just so much in there i dont understand i wasn’t able to make it work.
when i was looking at the source initially i just tried to understand how he got the values from the perlin into controling the particles (it was just the stuff in the getRads() function).

so instead i made an ugly perlin particles application with some coments. its not as good as that source and a lot uglier, but for the purpose of understanding how to control the particles with perlin noise it should be clearer :slight_smile:

here’s the link