Sound player panning problem

Hello dear fellow coders!

I have a problem with playing back sound files: The sound is always a lot louder on the right speaker. Setting the pan to 0.5 doesn’t solve the problem. My sound source files (wav or mp3) are well balanced. But this also happens with mono sound files.

I also perceived this, when I just run the sound player example. Did anyone of you experience the same problem?

Any idea how I can get the sound in the ‘middle’?

Four your information: I’m using OF on a windows PC.

Thanks already,


i think the pan in the soundplayer goes from -1 to 1. have you tried with panning 0?

Thanks for the advice, Arturo. The OF docs say 0.0 would be full left, 1.0 full right and 0.5 in the middle. However, even if I don’t use setPan() at all, the sound is obviously coming mainly out of the right speaker. My hardware is not the reason for that, as the same sound files, played back in a sound editing program, are well balanced.

I played a bit with the parameters, though, and I had the feeling that setting the pan to .2 solves the problem. Now, my sounds appear in the middle.

Looks like a little bug in the sound library to me.