Sound Module & Foot controller

Hi I have a Yamaha MU90R which I would like to be able to change voices/performances on via a foot switch.
At this moment in time I have to change the voice via the keyboard or directly on the MU.
It would be far easer to use a foot control of some type which would allow me to go up and down the voice, I don’t need it for anything else just going up and down quickly (i.e. form voice 15 to 49 or 53 to 18 some thing like that).
I’m looking at the Behringer FCB1010…

Can any tell me if I am going in the right direction or am I barking up the wrong tree.

Many thanks

Hi. I’m sorry, but I don’t really understand what this has to do with openframeworks? Are you thinking of writing an appliation that will help you do this? If so you could probably do it with ofxMidi and route the midi input of the foot control to the MU.

Are you very familiar with openframeworks? If you’re not and all you want to do is the midi routing, I think you might be better off using an easier language like python or processing, or an audio software with midi routing, like ableton or some software midi controller (I don’t know of any but I think they exist?).