Sound from usb mic

hi all,
i have the onboard sound card of my pc
and I have connected a usb microphone.

I can see it with ofSoundStream::listDevices()

[notice ] ofRtAudioSoundStream: device 3 hw:USB Camera-B4.09.24.1,0
[notice ] ofRtAudioSoundStream: maximum output channels 0
[notice ] ofRtAudioSoundStream: maximum input channels 4

but I can’t seem to be able to use it:

soundStream.setup(0, 2, 44100, bufferSize, 2);

still opens the primary sound card.

Does it work if you move soundStream.setDeviceID(3); after setup()?

@admsyn nope. it is the same.

Same problem with different USB microphone… And no idea for the moment…?

Any help ? Maybe something new with the OF 090 ?