Sound format for iPhone

I am trying to play sounds by using ofxALSoundPlayer.
Some sounds from my friend works but all sounds I saved by Soundbooth doesn’t. I have tried different setting likes WAV, MP3, mono, Stereo but I couldn’t have any luck with this.

What sound format works with iPhone?

hi there,

As far as I know you should be using the CAF file format if you want to play back sound files through openAL (which ofxALSoundPLayer is build on).

Simply converting (WAV, MP3) files over to CAF worked fine for me. This page might be of help when you like to do the same:…-ing-openal

This terminal command is what you’re after:
afconvert -f caff -d LEI16@44100 -c 1 in.wav out.caf


As I mentioned, WAV files my friend made works.