Sound FFT problems on iOS 12

Hi community!
I’m woking on oF for iOS and I’m trying to calculate the FFT of a sound track. I realized that ofSoundGetSpectrum() is not implemented in mobile so I tried with the implementation of Maximilian for iOS but I’m currently having the following error when I run Maximilian’s example: Unknown selected data source for Port Speaker (type: Speaker)

As I researched this error is happening after iOS 12 was released. My current setup is:

  • macOS Mojave version 10.14.4
  • iOS 12.1
  • oF iOS release v0.10.1

Does anyone have experience retrieving FFT bands data in iOS or have any clue of how to solve this?

  • Guillermo

i think you could also check Apple vDSP included in the Accelerate framework, it would be the most performant FFT to use on iOS:

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Finally I realized that the message is only an alert and Maximilian works smoothly on iOS 12+.