sony ps4 eye, a.k.a the "playstation camera"

Hello everyone, as you all know how great the ps3 eye is for computer vision, well, we now have the new ps4 eye camera which can do 1280x800 pixel @ 60fps, 640x400 pixel @ 120fps and 320x192 pixel @ 240fps. Anyway I’ve stumbled upon some dudes tumblr page documenting his tinkering with the device and I wanted to share it everyone, so here it is, hope is not long before someone writes an opensource driver for it :wink:

Oh, btw, the “special connector” it uses is just a modified usb3.0 port

Saludos everyone!

Thanks for sharing it!! You might get better reception at the general discussion forum though :slight_smile:
I’d definitely like to try it out