Something like UIScrollView in ofxGUI?

Hi there,

Im trying to move away from using apple’s UIKit for the menu aspects in my apps. Is there something similar to UIScrollView, a good way to display a long list?


You need ofxUI

in the GitHub it says that ofxUI is deprecated and incorporated into OF core


ofxUI is still usable (at least under oF 084) but not maintained anymore

But it is not incorporated into OF core ! Rezaali (ofxUI developper) recommends using ofxGui as an alternative which is the core official oF GUI addon

ahhhhh thats where my confusion came from, thanks for clearing that up!
does it have a bounce when you get to the end of the list like UIScrollView?

see example-Scrollable in ofxUI

great, thanks

We have strange custom menus, so what i have done instead of using ofxUI is take inspiration from it and then reinvented the wheel as a rounded square :smile: