some sound toys

two sound toys i built around a month ago but never really posted here:


the first one is an attempt at creating a more spatial way to sequence notes,
and the second one is more traditional sequencers but playing notes based off of conways game of life (yeah… i know everyone in the world has done something based off of this, haha but better late than never i guess)

also, because of some of the low frequencies, these programs/videos work MUCH better if you have a subwoofer connected to your computer (i.e. not on laptop speakers)

( sorry if the videos load slowly… i need to migrate to a new server :confused: )

Wow very nice!
Like the way you do the timing with the ripples!

What are you using for sound? Sound files or synthesis?

OF is in need for some sound synthesis love ( I have hooked up STK before but it sounds quite lame ).

Any help in this area would be much appreciated :smiley:
Cheers, Theo


i used ofSoundStreamSetup() like in the audio output example.

actually initially the classes were put together by mantissa (it’s a nice poly-synth class) although i’ve since modified them a little bit. Then i have a forumula i grabbed offline to get the freq->midi conversions, and for the ripples one i use it without the black keys… ill post the code for that soon.

also If you’re reading this jeremy, do you mind if i post the ofPolySynth stuff?

I dont know too much about synth things, i’ve just been kind of experimenting until stuff doesn’t sound horrible haha… but im definitely going to keep digging in. ill check out stk


i was interested in seeing the videos, but the links are broken… are there any updated locations?