Some simple questions

  1. is there a way i can render gpu audio with ofx? i was interested in doing for an instance fft stuff in ofx. i there a library for that with clFFT (a library for implementing fft fast fourier transforms in OpenCL, i know it’s sort of possible to do that). specially if you combine it with something like OpenAL, or something similar. i only wonder, is there a way to come along with such a thing ? and has anyone already done it?

  2. second question: is there a way i can add open frameworks renders to JUCE plugins. and who knows bind that with supercollider or maxcode (i know with max it is possible, specially if you grab gen~ code - actually it’s pretty easy - i only wonder is it possible to embed supercollider code there as well?). i know it’s possible to get audio units into ofx. unfortunately that’s not what i am looking for

your questions are not so simple :wink:

  1. What do you mean by gpu audio? if you use OpenCL for the fft you’ll have to pass back the results of it to the cpu and then render it however yo want to. I asume that you might want to keep the data in the GPU, I’m not sure if you can.
    Anyways I’d rather avoid going for the GPU stuff and rather do the fft on the cpu, it is so much simpler and there’s a lot of code out ther (several addons). If because you need a lot of ffts going on simultaneously and your cpu isn enough I’d then think to move to the gpu based DSP.
    2.- yes there is. The following it is a bit old but it might give you the needed insight


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