some question on ofxSimpleGuiToo

awesome addon!
bytheway, some questions:

  • i would like to show only FPS in the header. i can comment the line in ofxSimpleGuiToo.cpp (line 58 and 59) but i don’t like to change libs code. any suggestion?

  • there are some methods for detect when a combo box is changed? for now i have preValue and Value variables and i do che check by myself in testApp:update but i’m sure there is something else…

ok my interface solution for now is to make a combobox in page 1 to dinamically change che options (checkbox and sliders) in page 2 of my gui.
there is any solutions to do that? i thoughtsomething like adding a ofxSimpleGuiToo::removePage() and when combobox change it calls something like setNewPage2()… any advice?