Some of my 3D works with OF


these are what I’ve been up to with OF recently :smiley:

My first project : a solar system with bits of Star Trek in it. Was really fun to do !

The second one is more of a sandbox project. Kind of a 3D studio where you can spawn 3D objects and lights, and see how lighting and object properties work. It features a full-fledged GUI realized with ofxUI.

But this project is currently kind of “frozen” because I’d like to add shaders effects to it. Out of this came the idea to create an addon about commonly-used shaders in 3D. This need particularly rose from the fact that there isn’t default lighting anymore with the new programmable renderer, and although that’s pretty classic, I’ve found no existing addon/shader to do what I want…
So last but not least, here’s the addon I’m currently working on. For now it is in version 1.0 and covers Phong and BlinnPhong lighting shaders. Coming next should be the “mapping” shaders (bump mapping, normal mapping…). Hope it will be useful :wink:

I’ll soon have the opportunity to work with Oculus Rifts and Kinects. If I get to do some cool stuff with it in OF, I’ll post it too :blush:

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