Some nice opencv tutorials

they start with simpler tasks and move on to more advanced stuff.


Hi all

i am doing this tutorial i recomended for learnig OpenCv really helpme so much

anyone now haw i can implement this

the Step 2: Template Matching

if anyone have question about the firts 5 tutorial i can help you

thx :slight_smile:

Hey johnavila2

It would be great if you could make the implemented example projects available.
This would help me a lot.


I have some OpenCV tutorials and free source code:

Eventually I will probably add some OpenFramework + OpenCV tutorials such as for the iPhone, because I expect to start OF and OpenCV for iPhone soon :slight_smile:

Shervin Emami.

I can not open Those links

if possible can i get the tutorials for opencvTut1… 9

A quick search for the author’s name revealed this collection… maybe what you’re looking for?