Some minor (but still really really annoying) problems

Good morning. As i’m starting to learn OF for a week i came across already some problems.
In the MSAFluids example by Memo, whenever i interact with it via TUIO the screen goes white. If i slowly move my hand it reactes fine, but a stronger movement puff…it all turns to white. Changed already the velocity multipliers, checked the colors, everthing. Any ideas?

In the MSAPhysics demo i cannot load any texture. It only draws white and red quares. When i enter the render mode, again white screen.

Anyone has any ideas?

Thanking in advance.

João Freire

So i guess that nobody had the same problem…i still wasnt able to solve the white screen issue on MSAFluids…im wondering whether it only works for interactive table and isnt able to deal with full body interaction…help please…