Some images missing from the forum after recent update

I’ve noticed some images seem to be missing from some forum posts. Here’s two examples:

Not sure if it’s the same issue, but some emoticons were not being converted from text to image. Unfortunately I can’t find an example now. I’ll add one here to test: :slight_smile:

yes i’ve seen that as well, i think when updating the forum last week something went wrong and the addresses of the images were overwritten with the ip of the server instead of the domain the images are there and it’s just a matter of rewriting the urls but i still need to look into it

I think that the problem is related to the size. I was used to update screenshots to the forum (my bad, I’m too lazy to scale the images although I know that band is a precious resource!) but the recent version of the forum now gives me an error when the image is too big. If i scale the image, everything is ok. Some old post where I have uploaded not scaled images does not have them anymore.
Maybe the large ones got deleted?

i think it should be ok now, i just changed all the wrong urls but let me know if you still find any that are broken

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