Some errors when generating iOS projects (git checkout)

Hi all,

I just updated my OF checkout a couple of mins ago, and the projectGenerator won’t compile on xcode, complaining: /libs/poco/lib/osx/PocoDataODBC.a was not found, and indeed, the file is missing.

A simple fix is to comment this out in CoreOF.xcconfig to get the projectGenerator to run.

Additionally, when generating an iOS project, including the ofxiOS addon leads to errors in SoundOutputStream.m and SoundInputStream.m, namely:

 AudioStreamBasicDescription audioFormat = {
	.mSampleRate       = sampleRate, // non-constant-expression cannot be narrowed...
	.mFormatID         = kAudioFormatLinearPCM,
	.mFormatFlags      = kAudioFormatFlagsNativeFloatPacked,
	.mFramesPerPacket  = 1,
	.mChannelsPerFrame = numOfChannels,
	.mBytesPerFrame    = sizeof(Float32) * numOfChannels,
	.mBytesPerPacket   = sizeof(Float32) * numOfChannels,
	.mBitsPerChannel   = sizeof(Float32) * 8

Commenting the offending lines out leads to a bunch of duplicate symbol errors. The fix is to not include the ofxiOS addon when the project is generated, or remove references to it manually when hit with these errors.

Additionally, when compiling a project with the openCV add-on, the AssetsLibrary.framework does not get included. Adding it manually and all is well.

I know these are minor issues, but thought I’d share them anyway.

just fixed the pocoODBC issue, thanks for reporting it. can you open an issue on github with the rest of the problems?

Thank you!

Issue opened:


Did you get any fix to the soundInputStream stuff? I’m getting the same build errors on iOS.


SoundOutputStream.m and SoundInputStream.m are caused by adding the ofxiOS addon to the project generator. It is already added you get some weird double include issues.