[SOLVED] Release the openframeworks application as a standalone program

Hi everyone

I’m making an openframeworks application on Ubuntu and am using codeBlocks.
My application is using 3 addons, which are : OSC, ofxXmlSettings and ofxTrueTypefontUC.

What I want to do is to release it as a standalone application, without the openframeworks necessary, so other people can install the application on their ubuntu machine without the need to install openframeworks.

As I could not find a tutorial or instructions on how to do this, I would appreciate your guidance.

Thanks in advance

I haven’t actually done this on linux, but in general the binary that’s compiled into the bin folder is a standalone app that will be able to run on any Ubuntu install, even if they don’t have OF. If you’re loading resources from the bin/data/ folder, then that folder will have to be in the same directory as the app.

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Also you may need to install any required libraries or just package your app with the libraries.

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Hi @osi
I copied the app in the ‘bin’ folder along with the ‘data’ folder to some other location on my pc and it works. But I haven’t had the chance to test it on a system that doesn’t have ‘openframeworks’ . In that case, should I install anything? or if I need to package it, would you mind guiding me on how to do it ?

Thanks a lot

I have done this for ubuntu and for windows and the process is essentially the same . Make sre you build a release build and then just copy and zip up the bin directory that includes the data folder. This is essentially your distributable binary code then. No need to install anything, just unzip the zipfile on the target machine and you are done

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Hi there!

You just need the app and data folder. But, you can make a more clean and tidy deliver of your app if you use the ofSetDataPathRoot() function. (Hiding the data, basically.) With this you can set the data folder to a path inside of your app.

For example (I use Mac and…) on Macs, app files are just a container of folders and files. So, if on my openFrameworks setup() I do ofSetDataPathRoot("../Resources/data/");, I can access the files within the final app. You can, probably, do something similar in Linux.

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Thanks a lot !

EDIT : I just copied the bin and data folder to a new fresh ubuntu machine and tried it.
At first I got some errors but after installing ‘libopnal’ , ‘libmpg123’ and ‘libfreeimage’ it ran successfully.