[solved] question mountain lion and xcode 4.5.2... speeds

hello all,

just a quick question, to see if anyone can help me.
ive recently upgraded to mountain lion from snow leopard. im happy with mountain lion, still miss some features from SL though, but oh well.

so i have ML and xcode 4.5.2. im running my patch, which all it is is a simple video player, with the speed controlled via an audio input.
on SL this worked great, no problems at all. but under ML, it does stutter quite a bit, and thats when the audio is starting to feed into it. the frame-rate drops as soon as things go say above 0.5 in signal terms.
im going to look around and see what it may be, but if anyone knows ways to fix or whatever, id be very happy.

it seems that mountain lion mucks around with codecs [or just does not have them, weird] etc and so it would relate to oF.
so does anybody have a walk-around in this field?

i have had some form of luck with this post

but just find this a very weird thing to do. though it does help in some terms of that i can change codecs etc. but what about something that just acted like snow leopard. there just doesnt seem to be anything. unless someone else knows something?


everything is sorted now