[solved] Ps3eye in Ubuntu 23.04 - 2023

some will laugh here but I really still love ps3eye cameras :slightly_smiling_face:
I’ve been using them flawless with OF in mac, but tried recently in Ubuntu and found some issues:
“segmentation fault (core dumped)”
in update, in line


I’m running with sudo to be sure it is not a problem with udev rules.

sudo make RunRelease

code is here:

any idea of changes? Thank you

can you gdb or otherwise inspect the core dump?

$ gdb <binary-file> <core-dump-file>

edit to add: and/or what IDE are you using? QtCreator generally allows good debug navigation in crashed state

Thank you! I’ll try this.
I’m compiling directly using Make.
I’ve tried QT but it seems recent versions are incompatbile with PG right?

not in a position to test, but I believe PG does work to generate qbs. for sure, the qbs OF stuff was recently adapted to C++17 and works from the wizard within QtCreator (I don’t use PG as it “resets” everything – with qbs, adding addons (including trigger the parsing of the addon_config) or source files or pointing to a different OF_ROOT is just a matter of writing them down in the config file and saving).

also, the qbs is pretty easy to manipulate so you can probably start from any OF example and tweak it to your project (not at all like the “entrenched” xcodeproj complexity)

I’ve finally made more tests
Using make RunDebug the error was more complete
“Could not claim interface on camera: -6”
Linux have a native driver for ps3eye so I had to research how to blacklist the camera, and after a while I found the true driver name to blacklist properly.

lsusb -v
and usb-devices didn’t help

the command that helped was lsmod, this way I found the real device name for the camera is gspca_ov534
so I could create a blacklist file in /etc/modprobe.d/ and restart the system to be able to use it.

I used the “Cheese” app to be sure ps3eye was not being used by the system anymore and it worked.