[Solved] Positioning problems with ofxAssimpModelLoader

Initially I just thought that I was having an impossibly hard time getting the dimensions of my STL file to work out for a bounding box, but I’m starting to see a wide variance in the way STL files seem to be built. Some already have location information, rotation, scaling, etc. Do any of you have recommendations for file type when it comes to ofxAssimpModelLoader? Or just with dealing with ofxAssimpModelLoader for someone who is new at it?

Does anyone know any situations when ofMesh::getCentroid() doesn’t exactly return the correct height? That really seems to be my only problem. The center point of the mesh doesn’t seem to be correct, unless there is something hiding from me.

EDIT: Most of this is coming from my misunderstanding of what centroid is. I didn’t realize it took the average, I really thought it was just the center.