What are you trying to do exactly? The kinect examples that come with openframeworks should have the driver bundled, so you should uninstall the kinect sdk and then go to device manager and select the kinect (whatever drivers it has) and uninstall device (then check the box to delete the driver). You may need to do this twice on your setup.

The instructions you have followed are for replacing the original microsoft driver with a libusb driver. You should not need this to work with the kinect and the basic openframeworks examples.

There are some addons that may use the kinect differently and have different references to the libusb driver.


I am trying to install XBOX360 Kinect to Windows 10, so forget everything
Can u tell me exact steps as if I am starting over


Yes but what are you trying to do with it, are you just trying to use the examples that use ofxKinect that is bundled with openframeworks?