[solved] Openframeworks not compiling with ubuntu 15.10/gcc5 + poco

My apps aren’t building at the moment after upgrading to ubuntu 15.10.

The errors are looking like

Nicht definierter Verweis auf Poco::Thread::setName()

when I run the install dependencies script i get:

It seems you are running gcc 5 or later, due to incomatible ABI with previous versions
we need to recompile poco. This will take a while
Press any key to continue...  Skipping "poco": updateFormula not needed for type "linux64"

And the same with apothecary

./apothecary -j linux64 update poco
 Skipping "poco": updateFormula not needed for type "linux64"

I think the reason is in the


where it shows that the update for linux64 in poco isn’t implemented yet

FORMULA_TYPES=( "osx" "ios" "tvos" "android" "emscripten" "vs" )